TabFox : The data acquisition system

The software-system TabFox is a powerful tool for different types of tablet presses.

It is focussed on pharmaceutical and physical questions of the compaction process.
The software package TabFox is available in two editions:

  • TabFox – S    for single station presses
  • TabFox – R    for rotary (production) tablet presses

Both editions can be adapted and configured in different ways including
e.g. different automatic options, different measurement channels and analysis.
The editions fit well actually to all instrumented types of tablet presses, which have any open electrical or computational data-interfaces.
Even if there is no instrumentation, a flexible DAQ-system like
TabFox can be added without any changes to existing control units.
From strain gage and amplifier up to the analysis computer all components can be supplied with and supported by the TabFox software.

We support:

  • Eccentric press
  • Pneumohydraulic press
  • Hydraulic simulator
  • Electric servo-cylinder press
  • Linear simulator
  • Rotary press
  • Double sided roraty press

The TabFox system is highly flexible, it does not depend on a press-manufacturer and thus it is not based on proprietary data formats.
Different mechanical concepts, channels or speeds, trigger-concepts or environments are supported. Also the number of occupied or empty punch sites can be configured in the software in order to get analysis and statistics adapted.

An oscilloscope-mode provides always the actual “fingerprints” of your machine as a “live”-image.